Digitise outstanding paper processes or replace legacy or disconnected digital processes

Accelerate your paperless strategy

Use the intuitive ‘drag and drop’ app builder to quickly digitise outstanding paper processes, enabling fast and efficient data capture and information processing

Scalable digitisation of health records

Simple data collection supports specific projects or supplements interim or permanent gaps in your EPR capability. Structured data can be integrated to maintain a seamless patient record

Digital data collection for care delivery and audit compliance

Collect data to meet national and local quality compliance standards. Enables central audits and comprehensive ward and community assurance data collection

Key Benefits & Features

Ready-made or custom apps

Select from our library of customer derived healthcare apps, or commission custom apps for your needs

Fully integrated

Open Standards ensures seamless operation with existing and future systems and keeps data in your control

Simple to use

Ultra-modern, easy to use interface with sophisticated data validation and skip logic

Secure cloud service

Rapid deployment and adoption, provided as a managed service through our IG compliant cloud model

Supports all care settings

Community and child health, social care and nursing homes

Integrate or export data

Analyse your data and connect to existing systems using Open Standards

Easy to configure

The intuitive app builder maintains local control, reducing the need for supplier or IT intervention

Achieve fast paper replacement

Easy to use. Available on any device, including mobile. Enables fast replacement of paper processes

High quality data

Step by step guidance and built-in rules ensure high quality, comprehensive data entry and output

How it works

stratus capture
application builder

Are you still collecting patient assessments and clinical forms on paper?

No matter how far your organisation has progressed on its digital journey, it is highly likely that there will be paper left somewhere in the system. Even where functionality is due in the future, this can cause inefficiencies due to limitations in data capture and processing. Examples might be forms which are shared between departmental systems or outside of normal organisational boundaries. Stratus Capture is a quick and easy way to introduce digital solutions which can be fully integrated with existing IT systems. Besides the ability to create custom apps, the simple-to-adopt solution includes customer derived apps to address some of these common problems.

Are you still collecting ward and community audit data on paper or spreadsheets?

Even where clinical IT systems and robust record keeping exist, many organisations experience limitations when collecting non-clinical data. Inefficient and cumbersome spreadsheets and manual processes take up a disproportionate amount of time and effort, besides limiting the use of the data that has been collected. Stratus Capture is a simple and cost effective way to enable digital data capture. It improves the usefulness of collected data and enables more timely reporting.

Dementia assessment workflow

One use case has been met using Stratus Capture to address data collection for dementia patients. The app enables the collection, analysis and submission of the dementia workflow assessment. The lead dementia nurse is empowered with a central view of all data collected from different wards and locations. The data can be output to the relevant clinical system, or attached as a document.

Medical photography and file attachment

Another gap identified in the collection of digital data is addressed by the medical photo module. This enables clinicians to capture an image using the camera on a tablet or mobile device, which can then be published to the relevant clinical system in patient context. All necessary security and integration standards are handled by the app, providing a seamless experience for the user. This reduces the clinical risk associated with misplacing or incorrectly labelling printed images and maintains a visual record for easy comparison.

Why choose Stratus?

Clinical system platform, surveys or audits

Achieve your paperless strategy

With the flexible Stratus product suite you can re-align your strategy to digitise at your own pace. You can also replace paper processes and stop generating paper with Stratus Capture.

Cost effective and flexible

Our comprehensive Stratus portfolio can be deployed as a whole solution, or in incremental components to support an existing or emerging connected care project. We can quickly and cost effectively replace outstanding paper processes, or connect missing data.

We know healthcare

Stratus is underpinned by our significant experience in electronic health records. We have delivered some of the largest and most complex clinical system implementations in the UK through the NHS and have more active integrations than any other supplier.

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