What does Euroking do?

Euroking provides a comprehensive and intuitive platform for healthcare professionals involved in the delivery of maternity services. It enables users to easily access medical records and obtain information relating to patients during pregnancy. Our maternity platform can also be integrated with other sources of patient information, allowing organisations to build complete electronic health records that enable more effective patient care.

Key Benefits & Features

Cost Saving

An easy-to-use, cost-effective paperless platform for managing and accessing all information relating to pregnancy, including medication, blood results and CTG traces

Improved Workflows

Improved workflows and levels of clinical collaboration, resulting from the ability to share maternity records between departments and locations and perform detailed reporting

Patient Safety

Improved patient safety and care during the maternity process, as a result of immediate access to detailed health records


Complete, compliant and customisable maternity records in line with all national requirements and legislation


Modern and intuitive user interface providing single point of data entry


Full integration into existing hospital systems


An interactive timeline, providing patient data throughout pregnancy


Patient-level access to a historical maternity system archive

community offline

Providing effective care for mothers in the community

Community Offline is our mobile maternity system. Built using complementary technology to our Euroking system and with over 30 years expertise in MIS, it provides users with the ability to provide effective care for women in the community.

With a UI designed for simple and fast effective data entry, the clinician can spend more dedicated time providing the best care for the woman on a one to one basis by using the community offline system to access essential information based on her maternity record.

personal health records

Providing maternity records online

Our personal health record is based on the latest web technology, providing patients and clinicians with access to maternity records online.

The solution enhances the level of clinical support available to women by:

— Enabling the woman to access her full maternity record without the need to carry paper.
— Providing clinician access to essential data to support decision making for the provision of effective care.
— Providing access to data across the local maternity system.



Supporting contemporaneous data entry during labour

Via an easy to use interface the full labour narrative can be recorded and referenced both within the Intrapartum and Euroking system, providing a full maternity electronic patient record.

Alerts and alarms can be configured on a case by case basis to ensure observations are recorded in a timely manner and any high-risk trending can be reviewed immediately.

The application supports multi user login thereby enabling a user to have fresh eyes on the progress of labour and record information whilst another clinician is able to constantly review progress and advise accordingly.

“Wellbeing Software’s Euroking platform has been a huge asset to Community Midwifery.

The biggest change has been the time we save not having to duplicate records which allows us more time to provide care to women and their babies.

We have better communication with obstetric colleagues as we can see in real time the care they have given, and referral pathways are also simpler.”

Community Midwifery Team Leader Alex Gray, James Paget University Hospital Trust, UK

Euroking modules

personal health record

A web-based solution providing women with the ability to view their maternity notes online, removing the need for carrying paper notes. All data recorded on the maternity system can be reviewed and patients are able to submit their own pregnancy assessment and birth plan to support their own needs.

community offline

Mobile device-based application that enables community workers to take maternity records offline, record clinical encounters and upload the information back to the hospital system when required.


A browser based multi-view application, enabling real-time data entry of labour and delivery information. This module supports the clinician with customisable alerts, providing observations and measurements when required.


Our Mosos Cardio-Toco-Graphy (CTG) or Non-Stress-Test (NST) module offers a complete picture of the mother and baby’s cardiac health by linking test results to the complete mother and baby record.

management reporting

Our management module ensures an immediate overview of the patient’s history, which can be used by clinicians who are seeing the patient for the first time. The module is configurable by trust and the summary function can include social and medical risks, alerts and guidelines.

anaesthetic recording

Euroking provides a dedicated module for recording all anaesthetic activity undertaken during pregnancy, from assessment to procedure, follow up and postnatal assessment.

procedure booking

Our procedure booking module provides a real-time schedule with details of planned procedures and is updating dynamically as they are undertaken. Example procedures include elective caesarean sections, induction of labour, suturing and anaesthetic assessments.

telephone contact & logging

This module provides the facility to record the details of telephone conversations between clinical professional and the patient. Specific workflows are provided to cover the three main areas of care in pregnancy: antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal to ensure data entry is quick and efficient so quality care can be delivered to the patient at all times.

care plans

Allows clinical professionals working with expectant mothers to record relevant information on the care they intend to give during the pregnancy journey. It can be standardised and shared throughout the hospital where required.

birth plans

An interactive mother-centric data entry module that allows expectant mothers and clinical professionals to view information relating to interventions and special requirements requested during labour. When used in conjunction with the Personal Health Record the birth plan can be more empowering for the woman.

obstetrics vte scoring

Obstetric specific method of recording information that will allow clinicians to automatically calculate VTE (Venous thromboembolism) risk factors for mothers, reducing the chances for error. It takes into account physical and social attributes, and will display the score every time the record is opened to ensure appropriate action is taken.


Replaces paper referrals and allows automatic generation of appropriate arrangements with other clinical and social services, saving time and administration effort. The immediate electronic referral of findings and requirements can improve patient outcomes and mitigate penalties associated with late submissions of information and missed targets.

electronic document transfer

Removes the need to send paperwork through the post by transferring important documents to electronic document management or other transfer systems, saving time and administrative tasks while also reducing the risk of late submissions and subsequent penalties.

critical incident – datix, ulysses

There are twelve key components that need to be recorded if an incident occurs during delivery. Once an event has been logged into Euroking, it will be automatically documented in the national critical incident system to reduce the duplication of effort. By using a consistent approach through this Euroking integration it ensures all incidents are logged with relevant abbreviations.

perinatal grow

Full integration with national GROW system which records relevant mother information including ethnicity, height and weight to calculate optimal baby growth rate and identify risks that require care intervention. The integration also checks the national database to see if the chart exists at another hospital.

ultrasound – cris, viewpoint, astraia

Euroking has a bi-directional interface with the obstetric ultrasound system which means once the scan has been completed, relevant information including number of babies will be automatically transferred to Euroking. A PDF copy of the scan and information is also stored in Euroking’s timeline, which means that the Gestation is updated in real-time in accordance with the EDD by Scan, ensuring appointments are scheduled in a timely manner.

neonatal systems

If an unwell baby is transferred to the NICU or SCBU following delivery, Euroking will automatically send relevant data including antenatal information on the mother into the national neonatal system, which will create the baby record and populate fields as required. If the baby details have been entered into Euroking, the record will be there on arrival ensuring no time is wasted when caring for the baby while also reducing the risk of lost paperwork and duplicating effort entering details into multiple systems.

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