Solution overview

Meet eQstats

eQstats software helps residential & community care providers better manage all aspects of their organisational risk, governance, and compliance processes. Our end-to-end solution is designed to highlight areas of risk and non-compliance across your organisation, assign corrective and continuous improvement actions whilst linking all data collected to the national quality standards.

Key Benefits and Features

Streamline compliance workflows

  • Proactively manage risk and improve compliance
  • Industry standards benchmarking
  • Supports SIRS and National Quality Indicators
  • Integrate with your clinical software
  • External system incident data collection
  • Intelligent analytics and reporting

  • Benchmark and compare performance to industry peers and published standards.
  • Record, benchmark and report on national quality indicators
  • Specialised functionality for industries including Aged care, Hospitals, and manufacturing
  • Streamlined accreditation

  • Gain a clear picture of how your organisation is performing against the national quality standards.
  • Draw on data from your incidents, audits, quality improvements and risk registers.
  • Assess performance against national standards
  • Pro-actively monitor potential areas of non-compliance.
  • Manage the complete audit lifecycle

  • Create organisational audits that align to strategic objectives
  • Link audits across departments, with completion schedules and reminders
  • Complete and monitor audits in real-time, while on the floor
  • Automatically flag results and linked to quality improvements actions
  • Publish results in elegant reports and dashboards

  • Why choose eQstats?

    eQstats has been proven to statistically reduce risk and transform compliance for 3000+ users across a range of health settings. 

    Aged & community care

    eQstats has been supporting the Aged & Community Care sector with an end-to-end solution that supports providers in demonstrating compliance, linking organisational risk to quality improvement and ensuring our clients have a clear understanding of what is required to ensure best service is being delivered

    Acute care

    eQstats has been supporting the acute care sector with an end to end solution with data collection and compliance tools that allow you to measure health outcomes, demonstrate compliance and report on risk, incidents and indicators while linking to regulatory standards and your strategic goals.

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