What does eConsent do?

It has been designed to enable trusts to improve patient experience, save consultant time and standardise the information delivered during the consent to treatment process.

The solution enables consent forms to be created dynamically, pre-populated with individual patient demographics and presented to the patient in the context of the proposed procedure, along with information leaflets during the consultation.

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Key Benefits

Legal & Compliance

Meet and exceed clinical and regulatory standards while significantly improving the consent process

Business Efficiency

Entirely removes the administrative burden on clinicians, meaning more time spent with patients

Cost Saving

Reduce the overheads of clinics, prevent cancelled theatre slots and release cash spent on paper management


Digitise a highly specialised workflow which is not possible with existing systems, enables ‘contactless’ consultations

Revolutionising the consent to treatment process

Technology that makes clinical consent faster and safer

Traditionally surgical consent has been a manual process, relying on the clinician to write out patient details as well as the risks and benefits of the procedure being discussed. This time-consuming exercise wastes clinicians time and can distract from the true purpose of the consultation – providing the patient with a full understanding of what is being proposed. With eConsent complete and accurate patient information is taken directly from the system and procedure details are populated from an extensive clinical database. This provides the consenting clinician with a ready-made form that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual consultation.

Enhancing patient understanding

Helping to provide the patient with the full picture

With information provided on a handwritten form the patient may not get the fullest possible account of the risks and benefits associated with the procedure they are considering. Important points may be abbreviated, illegible or missed altogether. The forms produced by eConsent are laid out to the national standard and contain a complete list of risks and benefits, fully described, for the selected procedures. Furthermore, the patient will receive the most recent versions of any associated information leaflets for the procedure and can be provided with a link to an electronic copy of the form in addition to (or in place of) a printed copy.

Standardising and safeguarding

Providing the organisation with unprecedented oversight of the consent process

Reliance on a manual system means that every clinical consent discussion puts the organisation at risk of litigation due to omissions on the form or the loss of the paper copy itself. Not only does econsent vastly mitigate these risks by presenting the consulting clinician with a pre-populated form, it also allows the Trust to standardise the content across the organisation. The system retains a full audit trail of every patient interaction during the process, including the exact version of any additional patient information leaflet provided alongside the consent form.

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