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Why AI Connect is the Key to Successful AI Adoption

As part of our commitment to make the adoption of AI a seamless reality, we launched our vendor neutral AI Connect platform.

One of the biggest barriers to successful AI adoption is the potential for new technologies to disrupt optimal workflow, which can result in inefficiencies. This could inhibit the anticipated benefits for the user and the provider. A recent survey of our UK customer base found that 85% of respondents recognised the potential advantages from integrating AI within reporting workflows.

As part of our commitment to make the adoption of AI a seamless reality, we launched our vendor neutral AI Connect platform. In conjunction with our dedicated AI Connect Marketplace, we offer a single point of reference for organisations looking to introduce AI algorithms within their radiology workflow

As a hospital or NHS Trust, how can Wellbeing support the introduction of AI?

Our experience as the leading RIS provider means we are uniquely placed to offer advice when mapping your existing workflows, giving NHS organisations a quick and practical route to apply AI.

Our expert team will help you assess your existing IT infrastructure and new requirements, including those related to AI application hosting, data security and compliance. Our AI Connect gateway simplifies the technical integration process too, ensuring a quick and standardised route to AI adoption.

There are a growing number of AI applications to choose from on the marketplace, specialising in a range of disciplines including stroke, lung, and bone health. We will consult with your team to understand what algorithms best meet your needs.

I am an AI vendor: Why should I use AI Connect as the platform for my algorithm?

Our experienced team can help you identify the best use case for your algorithm, using unrivalled knowledge of existing radiology workflows. AI partners joining the marketplace also benefit from our existing relationships with over 80% of NHS organisations and a unique opportunity to accelerate the adoption of their algorithms into hospitals and NHS Trusts.

Our AI connect gateway works with any RIS or PACS, ensuring you can connect your algorithm with all healthcare organisations, in a repeatable and scalable way, regardless of the technology they use.

If you are an NHS organisation looking to implement AI, or an AI provider looking to join our expanding marketplace, get in touch.