John Hunter Children’s Hospital Charm (ing) Kids

Citadel Health today announced that John Hunter Children’s Hospital, a specialised tertiary referral paediatric hospital providing complex medical, surgical, major trauma and neonatal care services for Northern NSW, has ‘gone live’ with the CHARM Oncology Solution, which enables the successful delivery of high quality, comprehensive cancer care for children through prescribing and administering chemotherapy to paediatric patients.

The Children’s Cancer and Haematology Service at John Hunter Children’s Hospital include diagnosis, treatment and follow-up for children and young people with all forms of paediatric cancer, including solid tumours and leukaemia’s. In addition, specialist paediatric haematology consultation, review and management is available for children and young people with non-malignant haematological conditions.

Dr Frank Alvaro, Paediatric Oncologist, John Hunter Children’s Hospital said that “The transition from a paper based to an electronic prescribing and administration system with CHARM, has provided us with a solution that supports high quality patient care”.

This project showcases Citadel Health’s innovation and the ability of the CHARM platform to manage the complexities of paediatric chemotherapy prescribing and administration. “It’s a tremendous result for Australian patients in support of our overarching purpose of keeping people and information safe”, added Mr Stephen Lynch, General Manager Citadel Health.

Achievements throughout the project include the configuration of over 135 specialised patient pathways representing 15 protocols. These were configured from study groups including the Children’s Oncology Group, Australian Children’s Cancer Trials, International BFM Study Group, AIOP-BFM Study Group, St Jude’s Children Research Hospital Group and SIOP Renal Tumour Study Group. The next phase of the project will provide an automated extract from the CHARM Oncology Solution to the NSW Cancer Institute for statewide reporting purposes. This will enable the state to collect and use the latest cancer data, information and evidence to drive improvements in cancer outcomes.

The needs of paediatric oncology service are significantly different to adult oncology. Variations of dosing due to changes in weight and size of the child need to be continually monitored. The CHARM oncology solution is one of the only solutions with the proven functionality required to ensure ongoing paediatric patient safety and accuracy is achieved within the region. CHARM benefits include:

  • Comprehensive protocol-driven medication management for Paediatrics that provides standardisation of care.
  • Improve the patient journey through more effective and efficient coordination and management of outpatient care achieved by streamlining workflows and automation of routine tasks.
  • Efficient communication among the doctors, pharmacy, nursing and clerical staff. Real time access to and formation of patient clinical information and reports (i.e. Medical record) with comprehensive documentation of occasion of service.
  • Improve patient, staff and doctor satisfaction