Citadel Becomes an International Healthcare Software Company

The Citadel Group (Citadel) has acquired Wellbeing Software Group(Wellbeing), the UK market leading provider of radiology and maternity software solutions that manage patient workflow and data.

Wellbeing is trusted by more than 80% of NHS trusts across England. Their solutions are built on more than 25years’ experience in a range of key specialisations including radiology and maternity information systems, electronic health records and healthcare data management. Wellbeing’s software provides end-to-end digitisation to build a consolidated view of patient information for health care providers.

The acquisition of Wellbeing is an important strategic advancement for Citadel’s expansion into the international healthcare market. It enhances Citadel’s investment in the development of solutions and services that enables clients to optimise, integrate and innovate across their health operations. At the same time, it allows Citadel to widen its existing portfolio into complementary areas, through the addition of Wellbeing’s market leading radiology and maternity systems.

Both Citadel and Wellbeing share a vision for delivering better patient outcomes through connected healthcare technology and first-class customer service. Together, we are committed to working in partnership with our customers in order to make this a reality.